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Ankylosaurus had a wide, low body and a short, powerful tail, and was covered in armor plates made of bony plates called osteoderms. The armor plates covered most of its body, including its head, neck, and tail. Its head was small and triangular, with a short snout and powerful jaws. It had small, beady eyes and a series of bony plates and spines on top of its head. Ankylosaurus had a row of spines running down its back and along its tail, and its armor plates were arranged in rows along its sides and back. In terms of coloring, Ankylosaurus may have been mostly brown or grey in color, with lighter coloring on its underside. The armor plates may have been a darker color, such as black or dark brown. You could also add some green or brown shading to suggest plants or dirt, depending on the environment you are depicting Ankylosaurus in. You could also get creative and add some colorful patterns or designs to the armor plates to make your Ankylosaurus looks cool.

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