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A duckling is a young duck, typically less than a year old. Ducklings are small, fluffy birds with short beaks and webbed feet, which are adapted for swimming. Ducklings are born with a layer of down feathers that helps to keep them warm, and they grow their adult feathers as they mature. Ducklings are precocial, meaning that they are able to move around and feed themselves soon after hatching. Ducklings are often kept as pets, and can make great companions for people who enjoy spending time outdoors. They are known for their playful and social nature, and can often be seen swimming and splashing around in ponds or streams. Ducklings can be fed a variety of foods, including commercial duck feed, grains, and small insects. They should always have access to clean water to drink and swim in. Ducklings can also be trained to follow commands and can be taught to perform tricks, much like dogs.

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