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Jellyfish are marine animals that belong to the phylum Cnidaria. They are known for their bell-shaped bodies and their long, trailing tentacles, which they use to capture and eat small marine animals. Jellyfish are found in every ocean on the planet, from the surface to the deep sea. They range in size from less than an inch to over 8 feet in diameter. Jellyfish are composed of a soft, translucent body and have no brain, heart, or bones. They are supported by a simple network of nerves and muscles, which allows them to pulse and move through the water. Jellyfish have a complex life cycle, undergoing several different stages of development as they grow and reproduce. They start life as tiny, free-swimming larvae, which eventually settle on the ocean floor and transform into adult jellyfish. Jellyfish are an important part of marine ecosystems, serving as a food source for a variety of animals and helping to maintain the balance of their environment. However, some jellyfish species can be harmful to humans, with venomous tentacles that can cause painful stings.

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