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Robins are small, plump birds with distinctive reddish-orange breasts and gray backs. They are found in many parts of North America and are known for their cheerful, melodic songs. Robins are also known for their territorial behavior and are often seen defending their territory from other birds. Robins are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of insects, worms, and fruit. They are active birds, and can often be seen foraging for food on the ground or in trees. Robins are also strong fliers, and are able to migrate long distances to follow the seasons. Robins are popular cultural symbols and are often associated with spring and renewal. They are also an important part of many ecosystems, serving as a food source for a variety of animals and helping to control pest populations. Robins are common backyard birds and are often attracted to bird feeders and nesting boxes. They are also popular as pets, and can be trained to perform tricks and mimic sounds.

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