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A lighthouse is a tall tower or structure that is equipped with a light and a horn or bell, and is used to guide ships and boats safely to shore. Lighthouses are typically located on coastlines, near harbours, or on offshore islands, and they are used to mark the location of dangerous reefs, rocks, or other hazards that could pose a threat to shipping. Lighthouses have been in use for hundreds of years and have played a vital role in the safe navigation of ships and boats. They are typically built on high ground or on a cliff, and the light from the lighthouse can be seen from a great distance. Lighthouses are often equipped with a system of lenses or mirrors that can focus and intensify the light, making it more visible to ships at sea. Lighthouses are an important part of maritime history, and many of them have become iconic landmarks and tourist attractions. They are also often associated with romance and adventure, and many people are drawn to their beauty and history.

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