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A tractor is a large, heavy vehicle that is used for agricultural and construction purposes. It is equipped with a powerful engine and is used to perform a variety of tasks, such as plowing fields, cultivating soil, planting and harvesting crops, moving materials, and grading land. Tractors are typically designed to be used in outdoor environments and are built to withstand the demands of rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. They are usually equipped with a variety of attachments and implements that can be used for different tasks, such as plows, cultivators, mowers, and loaders. Tractors are an essential tool in the farming and construction industries, and they have revolutionized the way that work is done in these fields. They are an important part of the machinery that is used to grow and harvest crops, build and maintain roads and infrastructure, and perform many other tasks. There are many different types of tractors, and they range in size, power, and capabilities. Some tractors are small and specialized, while others are larger and more versatile. Tractors are a vital part of the machinery that helps to keep our world running smoothly and efficiently.

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